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Humane Wildlife Control and Removal

At San Diego Humane Animal Removal we are committed to humanely removing problematic wildlife through wildlife exclusion and wildlife control  services. If a wild animal is causing problems at your home or business, we can help.


Our Wildlife Control and Removal services include:

    • Evaluate and inspect your property for the animal’s point of entry: Where is the animal? How is it getting into your property?


    • Locate the animal or the evidence of it’s nest or living space


    • Determine the extent of the damage to the property, if any


    • Inspect the area for biohazards: fleas, urine and feces, skunk spray


    • Extract the animal in a non-harmful and safe method, allowing animal to relocate to its alternate den or nest site


    • Clean and disinfect affected area (deodorize, remove any biohazard, spray for pathogens and diseases)


  • Repair any damage and prevent future re-entry or damage

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